Circulating Tumor Cells


What Is CTC

Circulating tumor cells (CTC) are cells that shedded from the primary tumor into the vasculature and are carried around the body through the blood vessels. CTCs are like the seeds of cancer spread and one of the main causes of cancer metastasis and death.

How To Detect CTC

After the blood of the cancer patient is drawn, the number of CTCs can be captured and counted based on the cell size and the characteristics of the specific antigen on the cell membrane. Several studies have confirmed that the number of CTCs before surgery is significantly related to the overall survival of a variety of metastatic cancers, and the number of CTCs after surgery can also be used as a good indicator of efficacy and monitoring of tumor metastasis.

CancerFree Biotech CTC Application

CTCs are obtained from the blood of the patients and then amplified using exclusive culture technology. These expanded, personalized cancer cells are directly tested for drugs. Finally, a report of the drug test results and other related explanations are provided to medical professionals.