Company Overview

With a focus on the analysis of circulating tumor cells (CTCs), CancerFree Biotech is committed to developing a more competitive and personalized anti-cancer drug testing service. Through the bionic tumor organoid culture system, we help doctors and patients develop optimal treatment strategies to fight cancer at all stages and reduce the chance of ineffective drugs.


With our three business philosophies of "Doing the Right Thing", "Putting Patient First", and "Leading with Exceptional Ideas", CancerFree Biotech continues to develop and improve biomedical technologies to bring the results of our laboratory research and development to human life, helping cancer patients and physicians.

History/ Vision

  • 107/12 -12/19 Establishment of CancerFree Biotech 

  • 108/03 -Honored with the "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" Award by the Ministry of Science and Technology - Hsinchu Science Park Administration

  • 108/10 - Selected for the 2019 "NBRP BioMed Start-up Challenge International Biomedical Accelerator Partnership Program".

  • 108/12 -Taipei Medical University Technology Transfer Team was awarded the 16th National New Innovation Award (Academic and Research New Innovation Team, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Precision Medicine Category)


"Putting Patient First" is our core business philosophy. Current cancer treatment is based on standard treatment protocols and physician experience, but individual differences make treatment methods work differently for each patient. Through our services, doctors will understand the actual effect of drugs on patients' cancer cells, and can further tailor treatment according to patients' conditions, reducing the risk of patients trying drugs on themselves and the risk and cost of trying ineffective drugs. We want to become the guardian for all cancer patients and a trusting partner of medical professionals.