Product Introduction

EVA Select - Personalized Anti-Cancer Drug Screen

E.V.A. (Ex-Vivo Avatar) is a personalized anti-cancer drug testing platform (hereinafter referred to as EVA Select), which consists of a patented circulating tumor cell (CTC) amplification technology and a drug testing platform that amplifies the number of CTCs in a patient's blood through a simple blood test and provides high quality and sufficient numbers of CTCs for personalized drug testing and analysis.


Our technology combines organoid culture systems and Al image recognition to rapidly expand CTCs into CTC-Derived Organoid (CDO) for many applications in cancer research, such as cell therapy, cancer vaccine, and new drug development. 

EVA Select is a unique and disruptive innovation compared to other technologies in the market, with the following core competencies:


The patient's circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are obtained through blood sampling, cultured and expanded, and then tested for response to cancer drugs using the patient's own cancer cells.

  • Can be applied to 130 types of solid tumor drug testing, regardless of the type of cancer​

  • Individualized testing for each cancer treatment​

  • No change in the current clinical cancer treatment process​

  • No additional burden on the patient's body through blood sampling​

  • Time-saving, simple and safe​

  • Avoiding side effects by not testing the drugs on the patients​

  • Compensates for current deficiencies in genetic testing and routine testing​

  • No additional labor burden on the clinical workforce